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Best Acoustic Guitar & Best Acoustic Guitar Strings | Q & A

Best Acoustic Guitar & Best Acoustic Guitar Strings | Q & A

Q: What is the best acoustic guitar?

A: The best acoustic guitar is one that fits your budget and be sure to look for one that has a nice solid wood top. Yamaha acoustic guitars are a popular entry level guitar, you can get started with a full sized Yamaha for under $200 and the quality is pretty good for the money. In a perfect world every beginning guitar student would start with a Taylor Academy series guitar. These start at about $500 and come with a nice travel bag. They are made from quality sustainable woods right here in North America. If price were no object the best acoustic guitar with no expense spared is a boutique guitar brand such as Santa Cruz Guitar Co, Collings or Bourgeois guitars. These guitars feature the most premium guitar tone woods and are made one at a time by skilled artisans to maximize the tonal potential of every instrument.

Q: What are the best acoustic guitar strings?

A: The best acoustic guitar strings are high carbon steel with corrosion resistance. D'Addario guitar strings are made in New York, USA and are a popular brand for many of the top companies. Collings guitars use D'Addario EJ-16 while Bourgeois guitars uses the D'Addario XT . Santa Cruz Guitars offers strings based on tension rather than gauge in two tentions, High Tension and Low Tension. For a long time Taylor Guitars have used Elixer strings. They have a GoreTex coating. We find the D'Addario XT coating more satisfactory in terms of texture, longevity and wear.

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