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A guitar strap is an essential accessory for any guitar player. It helps keep the guitar in place while playing, reduces stress on the arm and shoulder muscles from holding the instrument, and adds a decorative touch to your gear. When choosing a guitar strap, there are several factors to consider, including material, length, and style. At Northern Lights Music, we offer a wide variety of top-quality guitar straps from well-known brands such as Souldier Straps, Lakota Leathers, El Dorado Straps, Taylor Guitar Straps, Fender Straps, and more.

When looking for a guitar strap, it's important to choose one that not only provides comfort while playing but also matches your personal style and the type of music you play. If you're looking for a vintage or pop look, consider tweed or cotton straps. Leather is a classic choice often seen with country or folk musicians. For a lightweight yet durable option, polyester or nylon is a good choice. Suede, vinyl, and velvet are also available.

Length is another important feature to look for in a guitar strap. If you play your guitar at arm's length, you'll want a longer strap. Shorter straps are best for those who hold their guitar near the shoulder. Some straps are adjustable, allowing you to customize the length for your comfort. For heavier instruments or double-necked guitars, consider a strap with padding such as a wide shoulder bolster or memory foam.

When it comes to the color or design of your guitar strap, the options are endless. Choose a bold, bright, or pastel color, or select a strap with graphics or images of your favorite band. Some straps even have faux fur or metal stud accents. The color or design you choose is a matter of personal preference and the impression you want to make on stage.

At Northern Lights Music, we carry a wide selection of guitar straps to meet the needs and styles of all musicians. From affordable and practical textile straps to full-featured straps with memory foam and hidden pockets, to classic leather straps, we have something for everyone. Take a look at our selection of Souldier Straps, Lakota Leathers, El Dorado Straps, Taylor Guitar Straps, Fender Straps, and more to find the perfect match for you. Let us help you find the perfect guitar strap for you today.