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-   This is a far from complete list. Items are added in chronological order as they are ordered. Please ask us if you don't see something that you are looking for at or if you are interested, have questions or would like to reserve anything on the list.
Specs, pricing and arrival estimates are subject to change
Sorry, but not responsible for typos.
        Further 6-string guitar -  List: $33,250.00 Sell: $26,600 (order 13817)
        Ziricote top
        Book to center top
        Ziricote back
        Beveled Peghead
        Ebony Peghead front
        Ziricote Peghead back
        Inlaid Logo in Sterling Silver w/ Mother of Pearl & Abalone
        Ebony center neck laminate with maple pinstripes
        Ebony fingerboard
        Side LEDs violet
        Birds Eye Maple fingerboard binding with Ebony veneer
        Black Tahitian Mother of Pearl ovals
        Sterling Silver surround for ovals
        Chrome Alembic Gotoh tuners
        Purpleheart core
        Further neck, Flame Maple/ Purpleheart/ Maple pin/ Ebony/
        Maple pin/ Purpleheart/ Flame Maple
        Note : Interior peghead veneers are purple/ maple
        Element - acoustic guitar - Cocobolo - List: $22,750, Sell: $18,200 (order 13895)
        Sitka Spruce top
        Cocobolo sides and back
        Alembic Point Mini Jumbo
        25.4” scale
        22 frets
        Ebony fingerboard
        EVO frets
        Tulip end of fingerboard
        Alembic Abalone ovals
        Small Alembic Crown peghead
        Ebony, Maple, Purpleheart truss rod cover
        Ebony front of peghead
        Indian Rosewood back of peghead
        Mahogany, Purpleheart & Maple neck
        Neck shallow ‘C’ curve
        Cocobolo binding with Maple pinstripe
        Abaone rosette
        Abalone purfling
        Alembic Bird Ebony bridge
        Ebony bridge pins with Abalone
        Tusq bridge
        Tusq nut
        Heel cap Indian Rosewood Maple pinstripe
        Back seam Maple/ Purpleheart/ Maple veneer pack
        Alembic Gotoh tuners
        Inlaid Alembic Logo

        King 5 bass - coco - List: $23,450 Sell: $18,760 (order 14073)

        Cocobolo back
        Mahogany core
        Continuous wood backplates
        34" long scale
        Balance K Heart Omega
        Tummy and Elbow contours
        Ebony fingerboard
        Abalone ovals
        LEDs red/ blue
        Crown peghead
        1Beveled front & back of peghead
        Gold Alembic Gotoh Tuners
        Gold Straplocks
        Alembic solid brass hardware: height adjustable nut, bridge,
        bridge block and Bird tailpiece
        2 WAXY Alembic pickups and Signature electronics
        Inlaid Alembic logo

        Spectrum guitar - superb walnut - List: $16,925 sell: $13,540 (order 10474)
        Long scale 25.5"
        Ebony fingerboard
        Abalone ovals
        Side LEDs red
        Superb Walnut top
        Maple body accent laminates
        Mahogany back
        Tummy & elbow contours for model
        Walnut front & back of peghead
        Option Beveled peghead
        Inline peghead
        Alembic pickups ST-ST-HB
        Alembic electronics volume, filter, Q-switch, 5-way pickup
        selector switch, mono output
        Alembic solid brass hardware Adjustable nut, bridge,
        Alembic Bird tailpiece
        Chrome hardware
        Chrome straplocks
        Alembic Gotoh tuners
        Silver Inlaid Logo with MOP & abalone

        Clarke Deluxe - Buckeye resin - List: $23,825 sell: $18,630 (order 14083)
        Short scale 30.75"
        Buckeye Resin top TBD
        Buckeye back
        Alembic Crown peghead Buckeye Resin front
        Alembic Buckeye peghead back
        Beveled front and back of peghead
        5 piece neck 3 maple 2 purpleheart
        Nut: 1.5" 24th: 2.15" shallow "C"
        bony fingerboard
        Option Abalone ovals
        Side LEDs blue with red at 12th & 24th
        ontinuous wood backplates
        Mahogany core with Maple accent lams with Purpleheart pinstripe
        Sterling Silver Inlaid Alembic Logo with MOP and Abalone
        Chrome Alembic Gotoh Tuners
        Chrome Strap locks
        Alembic hardware adjustable nut, bridge, bridge block, Bird tailpiece
        Chrome plated hardware
        2 Alembic AXY pickups and Alembic Signature electronics
        Volume, Pan, Bass & Treble Filters, two 2-position "Q"
        Polyester gloss finish with satin back of neck

        Skylark - Cocobolo - List: $17,350 sell: $13,880 (order 14084)
        medium scale guitar 24.75"
        Set neck
        Cocobolo top with Maple pinstripe/ Vermillion lam
        Mahogany back
        Continuous wood backplates (3)
        Side LEDs Red
        Ebony fingerboard with Tulip end
        Mother of Pearl ovals
        Alembic Crown Peghead
        Cocobolo front and back of peghead
        Alembic solid brass hardware adjustable nut, bridge and
        Alembic Bird tailpiece
        Gold Straplocks
        Gold Alembic Gotoh tuners
        2 Alembic HGR pickups
        Alembic electronics volume, filter, off/on/bright for each pickup,
        mono output
        inlaid Logo

        King Deluxe 4 string - Buckeye - List: $21,715.00  Sell: $17,375    (order 14089)
        Buckeye Top & Back
        Peghead Buckeye top & back
        Ebony fingerboard
        Abalone ovals
        Side LEDs Blue w/ red @ 12th & 24th
        Balance K heart Omega
        Tummy and elbow contour
        Continuous wood backplates
        Neck 3 Maple 2 purpleheart lams
        Hippie Sandwich body: Buckeye Top/ Purpleheart Lam/
        Maple Pin/ Mahog/ Maple pin/ Purpleheart lam/ Buckeye back
        Crown peghead
        Beveled peghead
        Chrome Straplocks
        Chrome Alembic Gotoh tuners
        Solid brass Alembic Hardware
        Chrome plate Alembic hardware
        Silver Inlaid logo MOP & abalone
        2 AXY Alembic pickups,
        Signature electronics
        Further - Buckeye resin top - List: $30,00, Sell: $24,160 (order # 13817)
        Long scale
        Buckeye Resin top
        lame Maple back
        Purpleheart core
        Front peghead veneer Buckeye Resin from top
        Back peghead veneer Flame Maple
        Beveled front and back of peghead
        Option Further
        Purpleheart/ Flame Maple
        Ebony fingerboard
        Side LEDs red bezel set in Sterling Silver
        Abalone ovals
        Inlaid Alembic Logo Sterling silver with mother of pearl for
        ontinuous wood backplates (3)
        Alembic Gotoh gold tuners
        Gold straplocks
        Alembic brass height adjustable nut, concealed hardware
        bridge, compound brass/Ebony Bird tailpiece
        Gold Plated hardware
        Polyester gloss finish with satin finish neck
        Alembic pickups ST-HB-HB
        Alembic electronics: master volume, filter for each pickup,
        off/on/bright for each pickup, mono output, TRS effects
        loop, on/off for effects loop
        Gold knobs
        Inside Out Brown Bass 4 string - List: $19,050, Sell:  $15,240 (order #14269)
        4 string 30 3/4"
        Myrtle top #F430
        Myrtle back #B430
        Walnut Core
        Ebony fingerboard
        Ripple Abalone ovals upgrade
        Side LEDs violet
        Continuous wood backplates
        Alembic Brass hardware
        Oil finish

        Brown Bass - List: $18,650, Sell: $14,920  (order #14270)
        Flame walnut top
        Flame Walnut back
        Ebony fingerboard
        Ab ovals
        LEDs Red with blue @12th& 24th
        Continuous wood backplates
        Alembic Brass hardware
        Oil finish

          Crest Bass - List: $17,625, Sell: $14,100  (order # 14280)

            32" medium scale bass
            Top Figured Walnut
            Crown peghead
            Ebony Fingerboard
            MOP ovals
            Birch and Walnut neck
            Deep carved heel
            Side LEDs red
            2 AXY Alembic pickups and Signature electronics
            Alembic brass hardware
            Gold Straplocks
            Gold Alembic Gotoh Tubers
            Oil Finish



             Expected in 2024    

            •  order #   model
            • 13777     D Vintage
            • 13778     OM Hogtop
            • 13779     OM Country Boy
            • 13780     00-12 Country Boy/HS
            • 13781     OMS-12 Vintage/HS
            • 13782     00 Vintage
            • 13783     OM Large Soundhole
            • 13791     LDBO-14 The Artist
            • 13785     OM/C Soloist
            • 13786     00/C Custom
            • 13787     OM/C Country Boy/HS
            • 13581     OM Country Boy/HS
            • 13657    OM/C Soloist
            • 13587    SJ Custom
            • 13628    D Large Soundhole
            • 13578    OM Vintage
            • 13633    OM The Champ
            • 13627   0 Vintage/HS
            • 13659   00/C Country Boy/HS
            • 13658   00-12/C DB Signature
            • 13577   D Hogtop
            • 13582   OM/C Country Boy/HS
            • 13576   D Vintage
              • CUSTOM DREADNOUGHT - Adirondack Spruce, Madagascar Rosewood back, 1 11/16" nut - sell: $10675

              COLLINGS GUITARS

              SHIPPING IN 2024 (more than 20 more guitars coming in 2025):

              • MF Dlx Mandolin #F2301 Ivoroid Binding, Bound fingerboard and peghead, Sunburst (Gloss Top), Nickel Gotoh w/ Ivoroid Buttons, Install Pickguard 
              • OM3 #34732 Ivoroid Binding ,3-Style Backstrip ,Ab Rosette ,FB .060 Ivoroid, PB Ivoroid, Exotic Stained Ebony Veneer, No fb Inlay, Rosewood neck stain, Gold Waverly (4060-G), 2 3/16 Belly Bridge
              • D1 T #34828 1 3/4" nut, (NEW TRADITIONAL SPECS AND APPOINTMENTS. SMALL BRIDGE PLATE) (Light weight.)Wood purfling & rosette, Custom Neck Profile, Ebony Veneer, *Round edge of FB -Traditional neck carve, *Gold pearl inlays, Std Reddish Mh stain, - Thin, All Lacquer AGING TONER ON ENTIRE GTR, Nickel Waverly (4060), 2 5/16 Belly Bridge , Cutthrough Saddle, No Tongue Brace, Tortoise bridge and end pins,
              • D2H T #34949 (NEW TRADITIONAL SPECS AND APPOINTMENTS SMALL BRIDGE PLATE) (Light weight.)Small herringbone. Wood rosette, Custom Neck Profile, Exotic Stained Ebony Veneer, *Round edge of FB -- Traditional neck carve, *Gold pearl inlays, Rosewood neck stain, - Thin, All Lacquer AGING TONER ON ENTIRE GTR, Nickel Waverly (4060), 2 5/16 Belly Bridge , Cutthrough Saddle, No Tongue Brace, Ivoroid bridge & end pins w/ black dots
              • I30 LC I30LC24779 10/2/2024 20 Body Build Faded Cherry, Dots (MOP, 5mm), 60s Neck Carve, Black Pickguard (3-Ply b/c/b), Black (3-Ply b/c/b)TR Cover, Black Knobs, P90 Dogear-Neck-I30/SoCo, P90 Dogear-Bridge-I30/SoCo, Dogear P90 routes
              • OM1 JL 11/26/2024 10 Waiting 1 11/16, (NEW TRADITIONAL SPECS AND APPOINTMENTS. SMALL BRIDGE PLATE) (Lightweight.)Wood purflings & rosette, Custom Neck Profile, Ebony Veneer, *Round edge of FB -- Julian Lage Vintage Martin neck carve, *Gold pearl inlays *EARLY COLLINGS "SCRIPT" PEGHEAD LOGO, Std Reddish Mh stain, *Custom Satin Finish AGING TONER ON ENTIRE GTR, Nickel Waverly Relic w/ Vintage Oval Knobs (4078), 2 3/16 Belly Bridge , No Tongue Brace, DROP IN SADDLE!,
              • I35 LC V 12/20/2024 2023 10 Waiting Faded Cherry, Aged Finish, Dots (MOP, Tapered),Black Pickguard (3-Ply b/c/b), Black (3-Ply b/c/b) TR Cover, Black Reflector Knobs, Black Rings,ThroBak ESG102B MXV-Neck, ThroBak ESG102B, MXV-Bridge, Humbucker routs, Aged Hardware,
              • D2H A - Adirondack, Exotic Stained Ebony Veneer, Rosewood neck stain, Nickel Waverly (4060), 2 3/16 Belly Bridge
              • SANTA CRUZ GUITARS
                All standard spec per the SCGC website except for all special features which are noted below.
                  • OO - Cocobolo body, Fort Ross 'Chapel' Redwood, low profile neck, List $11,655, Sell: $10,490 (order # 1069)
                    • OO, Highly figured Walnut, Italian Spruce top, Cutwaway, 1 11/16" nut, Adi Bracing w/hot hide glue. List: $10,950,  Sell: $9855 (order # 1172)
                    • OO, Adi bracing w/hot hide glue. List: $8460, Sell: $7614 (order # 1175)
                      • OO, Adi top and bracing, hot hide glue, 1 13/16" nut, 2 5/16" spacing, cutaway, List: $9953, Sell: $8958 (order # 1177)
                        • D Nershi Model. List $8712, Sell: $7841 (order # 1190)
                        • OM, African Blackwood Body, Adirondack Spruce top, Cutaway, Advanced X Adi bracing w/hot hide glue. List: #13,560, Sell: $12204 (order #1304)
                        • VS, 1 11/16" nut, Adi bracing w/hot hide glue. List $8460, sell: $7714 (order # 1305)
                        • OO, Highly figured walnut, Flamed San Loreanzo Sinker Redwood, cutaway, 1 11/16: nut. List: $12,985, Sell: $11,687 (1306).
                        • Firefly, Cocobolo, Flamed San Lorenzo Sinker Redwood, Adi bracing w/hot hide glue. List $12,255, Sell: $11,030 (order # 1307)
                        • Firefly, Highly figured walnut,  Purple San Lorenzo Sinker Redwood, Adi Bracing w/hot hide glue. List: $12,045, Sell: $10,841 (order # 1308)
                        • OMG, African Blackwood, Cutaway, Scalloped Adi bracing w/hot hide glue. List: $13,565, Sell: $12,209 (order #1309)
                        • H/13 Fret Model - Cocobolo Body, Sinker Redwood Top -striped, Adirondack braces attached with hot hide glue
                          SCGC Logo on peghead (mother of pearl)
                          Blue Paua Rosette Inlay
                          Blue Paua Top Border Inlay
                          2mm dots in MOPon fingerboard
                          All other specs standard to the model.
                          Suggested Retail. $12,458 Sell: $11212 (order #1311)

                                        HUSS & DALTON

                            • DS-12 Custom - Bearclaw Sitka - List: $6602 Sell: $5940
                              • TD-R Custom -Thermo-cured Red Spruce, Madagascar RW - List: $8590, Sell: $7730
                              • TD-M Custom - thermo-cured Bearclaw Sitka top - List: $5633, Sell: $5070
                              • OM Custom - Wavy Sinker Redwood, Cocobolo - List: $6568, Sell: $5899


                                          NATIONAL RESOPHONIC
                              •  ResoRocket 12 Fret Steel w/Hot-Plate® Pickup

                              • Style O 14-fret
                              • NRP 14 Fret  Deluxe B Series in Black Rust