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Santa Cruz Guitar Company | Fine Acoustic Guitars

We are proud to be a long time Santa Cruz Guitar authorized dealer. Widely regarded as some of the finest acoustic guitars ever made, our showroom features a wide selection of Santa Cruz guitars for sale.

Cherished by both amateur and professional musicians alike, Santa Cruz guitars boast a balanced, clear and mature tone and a comfortable, easy to play design.

Every Santa Cruz guitar is a true work of art, with master luthier Richard Hoover applying techniques from the great violin builders to achieve maximum tonal excellence. Their approach combines traditional pre-war guitar building techniques with modern advancements to offer a guitar that is both light and resonant with great tonal depth.

Popular models include the Tony Rice, Firefly, FTC, H-13 amongst others, each of which has its own unique sound and characteristics.

Each Santa Cruz guitar is one of a kind, built of premium materials and constructed to the highest standards making these fine instruments true heirloom quality worthy of being passed down the generations.

By building only a few hundred guitars per year, Santa Cruz guitar company aims not to build the most guitars possible, but rather to build the absolute finest guitars possible.

Find your next Santa Cruz guitar at Northern Lights Music.