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Dana Bourgeois Guitar Top Voicing Workshop Hits 100,000 Plays on Youtube!

Dana Bourgeois Guitar Top Voicing Workshop Hits 100,000 Plays on Youtube!

In September of 2017 Dana Bourgeois made the 2.5 hour drive from Lewiston, Maine, around the towering peaks of Madison and Washington to Northern Lights Music in Littleton, NH. He gave an amazing workshop on tap tuning acoustic guitar tops, a specialty he has honed over decades of work as a master luthier. Since this videos publication it has been viewed over 100,000 times! Here is to the next 100,000. One of the greatest parts of being so close to the Bourgeois Guitar factory is we often get unique and choice woods and guitar models direct from the factory. We are also able to keep tabs on the latest innovations and insight into the direction the company is going.

Bourgeois Guitars are known as one of the top boutique guitar brands along with Santa Cruz Guitars and Collings Guitars. They specialize in making modern acoustic guitars inspired by pre-war instruments from Gibson and Martin but with Dana Bourgeois own twists. Being incredible bluegrass instruments the Dreadnought and Orchestra Models are the most popular body shapes for Bourgeois guitars but they also make incredible OO size and L-OO shape, called the L-DBO. The rich warm and dynamic tone of these instruments are fantastic for fingerstyle especially in these smaller body sizes.

Dana Bourgeois was an innovator in the use of torrified or baked woods to give guitars an "Aged Tone". Many of Dana's most prized builds include Aged Tone Adirondack Spruce tops. This process rounds out the tone and mellows out the high end while allowing the highs to ring clear. Bourgeois Guitars offers both Sitka and Adirondack torrified but they sometimes also have torrified European spruce available. Beyond torrifying the tops they sometimes have on the their wood shelves some torrified curly maple. We are all familiar with the way maple guitars ring like a bell with crystal clear highs. As with the spruce, the maple mellows out a little and the sharp edges of the tone are made warmer while the high end remains clear. We had a custom Bourgeois Orchestra Model Cutaway with armrest and torrified maple, this instrument was just spectacular and did not last in our inventory.


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