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Carr Amps | Guitar Amplifiers

Experience the Warm and Rich Tone of Carr Amps - A Top Dealer in Guitar Amplifiers. We've been providing our clients with the finest handcrafted tube amplifiers from Carr Amps of Pittsburgh, North Carolina for years now. Our selection of in-stock models includes popular models like the Telstar, Mercury V, Super Bee, and Sportsman, and we can also help you find the perfect color combination for your style. Played by renowned artists such as Bill Frisell, Billy Gibbons, Jeff Tweedy, Joe Walsh, Neko Case, Paul Simon, and Vince Gill, Carr amps are renowned for their full and rich sound. If you're looking for an amp with plenty of clean headroom or one with a beautiful breakup at low volumes, Steve Carr's power-scaling amplifiers are the perfect choice. Contact us today for more information.
Super Bee: Steve Carr's take on a Fender Super Reverb but in a light weight version that gets the same amazing tones at lower volumes! The build in power attenuator takes the amp all the way down to 2 watts, making it appropriate for even late night bedroom performances. To top it all off, there are three selectable voices 1) 64 - a shimmering, scooped tone for sparkling leads 2) 68 - blackface tone pushed with bite for that classic throaty crunch and twang 3) 72 - bigger kids and full leads this setting has extra gain and a shifted EQ circuit placement.
Telstar: The Telstar is a brand-new classic, blending the deep and bold qualities of the 6L6 and the tonally intricacy of EL84 all in a lightweight combo amp. What makes the Telstar different? By blending these two different power tubes in the push-pull output stage you are able to achieve an awe inspiring, low end in spades and multifaceted sparkle. The Lean/Lush switch gives control of the tonal 'body', while the 53/58 switch modifies the gain structure and a Tone control to emphasize different frequencies. All this makes this amp incredibly versitile making it a breeze to achieve Marshally, blackface and tweedy tones with ease while also being capable of creating totally original tones. With the built in power attenuator the Telstar is ready for all settings from home use to studio all the way to Carnegie Hall. 

Mercury V: The Mercury is a brilliant Marshalleque amplifier with expansive gain controls to dial in amazing British tones everything from wailing to roar to thick cleans. The ingenious preamp circuit utilizes a pair of 6V6GT with an internally paired High and Low channel to let you get to off the charts gain levels. All this while simultaneously running an onboard attenuator to take this amp from 16 watt down to 4 or switch it to 4 down to 0 watts !!! This along with the three level boost and parallel/ series switch allow you to get pop and fizz distortion down to a whisper. So whether you are playing at home or at the club or in the studio this is an incredibly versatile amp, from whisper to roar. To top it all off the tube-returned spring reverb adds dimension making this one of our best-selling amps. 

Skylark: Inspired by the Fender Princeton Reverb this 12 Watt combo amp features a power attenuator and a Mid control and an extended ranger Presence control providing this amp with more flexibility than any Princeton that has come before. Carr's brilliant tube-driven spring reverb creates luscious space. Housed in solid dovetailed North Carolina yellow pine with a floating speaker baffle this amp is light and resonant. Put together with high quality components this point to point constructed amp will take your tone to the next level.

Rambler: Looking for clean headroom with richness and a full tone? The Carr Rambler is wildly popular with those that require power yet warmth and want it all in a compact easy to carry combo. Full power mode is a dazzling 28 watts, switchable down to 14 watts and includes a luscious Tremolo and Reverb for a multi-dimensional classic American sound. Inspired by the Fender Deluxe Reverb this amp stems from a desire for a classic 1x12 with warmth, fullness and round tone while adding a superb tremolo and reverb. Many players describe the Rambler as being an exceptional platform to put their pedal boards through. Built from high-quality components, a North Carolina Pine cabinet and a floating speaker baffle this amp delivers a majestic sonic glory!

Sportsman: Weighing in at 19 watts, the Sportsman is a versatile American amp with purity and clarity but capable of luscious overdrive with the dual-6v6 output stage. Combine that with a full range Volume and Headroom control along with a wide-ranging Mid Knob this amp has amazing resonance and clarity. All this with the wonderful Carr tube-driven, long-spring reverb! Build into a Birch multi-ply combo cab this amp utilizing the finest quality components beautiful amp is solid.

Impala: The most powerful of all Carr amps, the Impala boasts a whopping 44 watts. Inspired by the Fender Bassman this design takes the heart of the Bassman and packages it in a more usable format. The tone is generated by two 6L6GC power tubes controlled by an ultra-wide-ranging volume control that opens the amp up and allows the preamp to operate freely. Combined with the well designed three-knob tone controls with a super interactive Mid control and a handy Master to take control of the gain at all volumes. Included is the wonderful Carr tube-driven spring reverb to add even more multi-dimensionality to the mix. Built into a handcrafted, solid pine cabinet and built with quality components this amp is packed with character, expressiveness and wide ranging dynamics!

Raleigh: The most compact of the Carr line, the Raleigh is a 5 watt 1-10 combo. This is has been a super popular amp for home/studio use as it is capable of both opulent clean and overdriven tones. Designed to offer a 60s American blackface tone in the clean setting and a Marshall inspired Brit-voiced overdrive with use of the selector switch this little amp has the dynamics and versatility of a much larger amp but in a small package. The secret of its tone lies in the single EL84 power tube in a Class-A output stage driven by a couple of 12AX7 preamp tubes on the front end of the circuit. Built point-to-point and housed in a thin wall Baltic Birch cabinet all of this tonal goodness only weighs 21 lbs !!!