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Amp Mojo Sol Drive

SKU 197644768240

We love the new tube-loaded Sol Drive from our friends at AmpMojo, a low-to-medium gain, super-responsive tube overdrive pedal. It uses a 12AX7 pre-amp tube to bring a harmonic texture to your tone that only a real tube can.

The Sol Drive pedal pays tribute to the classic "D" tube amplifiers of the '70s and '80s, which were known for their warm, dynamic overdrive, and the Sol Drive manages to capture that essence in a pedal format and one of its standout features is its use of a Tung-Sol 12AX7 pre-amp tube, which adds a level of harmonic complexity to the pedal's sound that is difficult to achieve through solid-state circuits.  Also, for versatility, this pedal is designed  to work with other pre-amp tubes.

This true bypass pedal's got some pretty cool and useful tones! After test driving it, we opened it up and found it very interesting. It utilizes the legendary TL082 J-FET Dual Op-Amp chip. The tube is then configured with the plate shorted to the grid to be used as a pair of diodes probably for the clipping in the feedback circuit. The filaments, powered with the 9.1 volt wall wart are barely on making for a less harsh or more mushy distortion. Fender's 90's Roc-Pro 700 amplifier utilized the 12AX7 tube much the same way for clipping between stages. It sounds great! There is a CD4024 IC chip in there as well which is a counter or divider which generates an octave below (or 2 or 3) the input note to be mixed slightly to make for a fatter tone. Cool Pedal!