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Bourgeois Guitars

Looking for Bourgeois guitars? We are proud to offer Bourgeois guitars for sale as a longtime authorized dealer. We have a large in-stock selection of Bourgeois guitars available for purchase today!

Bourgeois Guitars is widely recognized as a top small shop, boutique acoustic guitar company. The brainchild of master luthier Dana Bourgeois, we are proud to be one of the top Bourgeois Guitar dealers. The factory is located only about two hours away from our store so we often drive to the factory to select the best tone-wood and explore new innovations. Popular standard models include the OM Vintage and Country Boy and the OO. Favored by artists such as Ricky Scaggs to Andy Falco, these instruments are coveted by home enthusiasts as well as professionals.

Where are Bourgeois Guitars made? Bourgeois Guitars are made in Lewiston, Maine.

How long has Bourgeois been making guitars? Bourgeois has been making guitars since 1993 in Lewiston, Maine.

Where to buy a Dana Bourgeois guitar for sale? Northern Lights Music is a top authorized dealer for Bourgeois guitars, with a large in-stock inventory for sale and a close relationship with the Bourgeois factory, being located only 2.5 hours from the factory.

How many guitars does Bourgeois Guitars make a week? Bourgeois guitars makes around five to seven guitars a week, totaling only around a little over 300 guitars a year whereas a big guitar company like Taylor produces around 170,000 guitars per year. This gives Bourgeois guitars the ability to produce a small selection of guitars using the finest available materials and with attention to every detail, making each guitar with the finest tone possible. 

Which artists play Bourgeois Guitars? Since its inception, Dana Bourgeois has attracted many of the finest guitar players in the world to his guitars.

Doc Watson played a Bourgeois Dreadnought with a cutaway. 

Sean Watkins played an OMC (orchestra model, cutaway).

Ricky Skaggs was a D-150 player (Dreadnought with Adirondack and Brazilian Rosewood). 

Bryan Sutton played on a Banjo Killer for a good stretch (sloped dreadnought with a Rosewood bridge plate)

Courtney Hartman plays many different Bourgeois models. 

Andy Falco of the String Dusters is often seen with his futuristic Nova custom.

What makes these top players like these ones choose Bourgeois guitars? They have a comfortable, modern neck shape that is slim but with a slight v, enough to fit the crook of the hand. Each guitar is tap tuned so that the sound board has optimal resonance for each given piece of wood.

Video demos, comparisons & reviews:

Here is a video demonstration of a beautiful Bourgeois Soloist with figured Mahogany back and sides with German Spruce. The Bourgeois Guitars soloist is one of Dana's most popular designs, an orchestra model with a cutaway and pyramid bridge along with some other elegant appointments. 

Here is a review/ demo video of the new Touchstone series from Bourgeois guitars:

What is the Bourgeois Touchstone Series? It is a more affordable series of guitars co-produced with Eastman Guitars, where the tops are made in Lewiston, Maine and the bodies/necks are produced and tops are glued on by Eastman in Beijing, China then sent back to Bourgeois in Lewiston for final setup. The result is a Bourgeois guitar that is more accessible to players on a budget.