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2014 Santa Cruz H Custom

2014 Santa Cruz H Custom

This Santa Cruz Guitar H 12 Custom is a totally unique instrument. The master grade Brazilian Rosewood wood was hand selected by us at the Santa Cruz guitar factory in you guessed it, Santa Cruz, California. The H shape is one of those little known gems, inspired by the 1930s Gibson Nick Lucas guitars.

Unlike many H guitars, this one was created as a 12 fret for ease of playing. Not having to extend ones arm so far to reach the notes makes this extremely comfortable. Santa Cruz Guitars are easy to play in general because of the rock and "roll setup" that they do. Rock and roll setup means they design the neck more like an electric guitar rather than flat and wide like a classical. They Pleck  which is a computer controlled fret grinding that results in perfect intonation up and down the neck. That along with the nice round 14" radius fret-board contribute to this easy play feeling. The neck carve is modern and fits comfortably in the palm of the hand.


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