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Elliott "Elite" Capo | "The Finest Capo on Earth!"

SKU G34E14

The Elliott Elite Capo is the finest guitar capo on the market today, made by hand by Scott and Melissa Elliott in Texas. These jewelry-like capos are a must have if you have a nice guitar as they are lightweight and beautifully functional.

Select your radius and if you want any special options. Twist and/or Abalone Screw Inlay are available on some capos on the menu!

Note about Radius: We recommend a 16" radius for Martin guitars, 14" radius capos for Bourgeois and Santa Cruz guitars. A 17" radius capo is recommend for Collings Acoustic guitars and a 12" radius capo for the Collings electric guitars.

Note about Nut Width: We only have 1 3/4" nut width capos available with the only exception being the 12" radius capos, which are 1 11/16". 1 3/4" capos will work on 1 11-16" necks as-well.

*Abalone inlays are a natural material and will vary in look from capo to capo, pictures on this listing are only an example and not the actual capo you will be receiving.