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Taylor Guitars at Northern Lights Music

Taylor Guitars at Northern Lights Music

Northern Lights Music, a top Taylor guitar dealer for decades, is proud to offer a wide range of exceptional North American-made Taylor guitars. From travel-friendly and student-size models like the GS Mini, 214ce, and 314ce to high-end custom shop offerings, each guitar is crafted with care and attention to detail using premium and sustainable tone woods. The T5z electric guitar offers both acoustic and electric tones, making it a versatile option for musicians of all styles.

Headquartered in El Cajon, California, Taylor Guitars was founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. Today, the company employs over 1,200 people and produces hundreds of guitars per day exclusively in two U.S and Mexico-based factories. Taylor guitars are sold through hundreds of retail locations in North America and internationally distributed to 60 countries.

As industry innovators, Taylor blends innovative manufacturing techniques with tone-enhancing designs, setting standards for playability, craftsmanship, and musical performance. Bob Taylor's use of high-tech tools and proprietary machinery revolutionized guitar making and allowed for unprecedented precision and consistency. Today, the company is led by President Bob Taylor, CEO Kurt Listug, and Master Guitar Designer Andy Powers, and is 100% employee-owned.

With a direct stake in the company's success, Taylor's employee owners are dedicated to providing customers with the best possible Taylor experience. If you're in the market for a high-quality acoustic guitar, look no further than Taylor Guitars, and let Northern Lights Music help you find the perfect instrument for your needs.

Body Shapes: 

Taylor Guitars presents an extensive selection of acoustic body styles, each possessing its distinct sound and feel. It is critical to take into account both comfort and sound when selecting a guitar. The Baby, with its 3/4-sized Dreadnought design, is ideal for young musicians and travelers alike as it produces a rich musical voice despite its petite size.

The GS Mini, a smaller version of the Grand Symphony, is a highly sought-after body style and provides a robust sound in a compact form. The Grand Theater, a slightly larger option than the GS Mini, offers a harmonious blend of comfort and responsiveness with an impressive full-voiced sound. The Big Baby, a classic Dreadnought-style with a reduced footprint and slimmer body depth, offers accessibility.

The Grand Concert, crafted for fingerstyle and light strumming, boasts a compact body that delivers an articulate and sensitive response. The Grand Auditorium, a mid-sized body, is a versatile choice that offers a clear, balanced tonal response and comfortable contours. The Grand Pacific, a round-shouldered Dreadnought, delivers warm, seasoned tone with full-range power. The Dreadnought, a traditional shape, generates powerful sound with deep lows, lively mids, and punchy treble notes. The Grand Symphony, with its exclusive soundport cutaway, creates a symphonic voice with immersive reverb-like effect and remarkable sustain. The Grand Orchestra, the largest and deepest body shape, provides a full-range of powerful sound while still retaining a surprising level of responsiveness to a gentle touch.

When deciding on a Taylor acoustic guitar, comfort should be taken into account as it affects the sound quality. The body proportions also have a significant impact on the guitar's sound, with smaller bodies emphasizing upper-register frequencies and larger bodies providing a deeper voice. Cutaway or non-cutaway options are also available, with a cutaway granting access to upper-register notes. 

The Taylor Guitar Series

Taylor offers an extensive range of acoustic guitar series, each defined by a unique combination of tonewoods and design elements. The American Dream® Series is the entry point to the V-Class Taylor solid-wood experience, while the GT Series provides a musical punch with its all-solid tonewood options. For budget-conscious players, the Academy Series offers an inviting and inspiring playing experience.

The 100 Series features quality and value with solid Sitka spruce and layered walnut, while the 200 Series offers distinct sounds and stylish looks with a solid spruce or koa top paired with layered rosewood or koa. The 300 Series offers two clear-voiced solid-wood options: sapele with a spruce top or blackwood with a mahogany top. The 400 Series, with ovangkol or rosewood, delivers a full-range acoustic voice. The 500 Series boasts a muscular, high-fidelity sound with Urban Ironbark, while the 600 Series has a bright tone that has been revoiced to sound richer and warmer. The 700 Series features a bold and dynamic sound with rosewood and Lutz spruce, while the 800 Series offers tonal sophistication with a seamless playing experience. The 900 Series is the most elegantly appointed rosewood/spruce series, blending inspiring tone with design sophistication. The Koa Series features Hawaiian koa with beautiful all-wood appointments, and the Presentation Series combines the finest visual artistry with the distinctive sound of Honduran rosewood and sinker redwood. The GS Mini Series and Baby Taylor Series are perfect for small hands and spaces, delivering punchy sound in a convenient frame. The T5z Series offers various options for top woods and appointments, including 12-string models, and the T3 Series boasts warm vibes and vibrant style. Visit Northern Lights Music store to explore all the Taylor series.