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Never Leave Home Without Your Taylor GS MINI

Never Leave Home Without Your Taylor GS MINI

I had my Taylor Guitar's Spruce GS Mini slung over one shoulder as I walked through the busy airport on my way to Florida. Dan had a lucky guitar gig for a weeks worth of cocktail hours at a Club Med and I came along for the warm weather and the buffet. Inside the beige heavy duty Taylor gig bag I had my reading material and my bathing suit. Also inside the gig bag I had stuffed a couple extra T shirts next to the neck and then laid my sun hat on the top before I zippered it shut. It is a very light guitar even for me at 110 pounds and 5'4" tall. The narrow neck of 1 11/16"is perfect for this little girl but I still had a robust sound with the medium strings.

I do not check my luggage at the airport and I walk right up to the gate with my guitar. On larger planes one can put it in the overhead bin but the stewards can also find a closet to put it in on the plane.Special treatment is required for all instruments!

At "The Club" this little Taylor Guitar was a great companion for me as I moved around campus, finding the occasional quiet spot to play. This was a challenge as this sporty Club Med prided itself on its mega speaker systems that blared over the different swimming pools.It was a party all the time at this Club Med!

Dan was spending the morning rehearsing the pop songs he had to learn and which he had often never heard up to that point. I would head to the far side of the property, away from the speakers to a little slice of beach next to the "adult pool and bar".As I played thorough my ragtime, a Great Blue Heron would come to a tree next to me and perch.
I don't get too worried about my GS Mini when I'm outside with the sand blowing and the sun beaming down on it. This guitar is built well, although I don't think I would paddle a canoe with it unless it was an emergency. Structurally the Taylor GS Mini has a molded and bowed back for sound enhancement and stability and a matte finish so it forgives me for the occasional ding.

I also took it down to a yoga retreat in Costa Rica with the same scenario,T-shirts around the neck and bathing suit and book in the side pocket.I would easily find a place to practice every morning as long as I was careful to not be under the squirrel monkeys overhead! They were a messy bunch. The giant green iguanas would stare at me while I played. They bobbed their head as if grooving to the music but I later discovered that they may have felt threatened by my GS Mini and in my mind were about to attack. At one point when I laid my guitar down in the garden to get a drink, I returned to see that a 12 inch stick bug had straddled the soundhole of my guitar.

Slowing down and playing a tune while on retreat is surely a great way to experience nature and add to the enjoyment of your vacation. Because we are located in a tourist town, Northern Lights Music has many times experienced people from around the country who choose not to travel with their guitar. They will then come into the showroom and ask to play because they've been going through a "withdrawal" of sorts.I highly recommend making the affordable Taylor GS Mini Koa, and GS Mini Koa Plus, GS Mini Spruce, GS Mini Mahogany, or GS Mini Rosewood a part of your travel plans. Don't leave your guitar behind!


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