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Voodoo Labs PX-8 Plus w/ Dingbat Medium


Pedalboard and Pedal Switching All in One!

DINGBAT PX pedalboards are based on the Dingbat MEDIUM size platform and include onboard true bypass pedal switching for managing and optimizing the performance of your effects. Its innovative patented design places the switcher beneath the foot of the board keeping all cabling neatly out of view and preserving maximum space for pedals. Installing Pedal Power® with the included mounting hardware is quick and easy using only a screwdriver. Dingbat PX also features a dedicated position for a second Pedal Power that can be quickly installed with optional mounting brackets. Hook-and-loop tape is provided to attach pedals, as well as zip ties and 4-way tie mounts to secure cabling underneath.

Dingbat PX features a programmable PX-8 PLUS pedal switcher equipped with 8 true-bypass audio loops and 8 premium quality silent-operation footswitches. Simple and intuitive programming allows instant access to 36 user-created preset loop combinations at the touch of a single button. PX-8 PLUS also functions as a simple loop strip to turn on and off individual loops. PX-8 PLUS includes a loop insert point between loops 6 and 7 for placing a volume pedal or other audio device into the signal path and MIDI in and out to exchange program change messages with other MIDI-capable devices.

Dingbat PX includes a heavy-duty tour-grade soft case. Premium materials and construction ensure superior performance and long-lasting protection for your pedalboard. A removable shoulder strap and stowable backpack straps are included for easy transportation.