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JHS Honey Comb Deluxe - discontinued


Have you ever heard a vintage Fender blackface or Vox tremolo dripping like honey from the speaker? Then you know how rich and sweet this kind of tone can be. The Honey Comb Deluxe faithfully recreates this beloved amp tremolo with a warmth and character you would only expect from a vintage amp. With two channels of tremolo and the ability to switch on the fly, you’ll be licking your fingers with the sticky goodness coming from the Honey Comb.

The Honey Comb has simple controls with Volume, Depth, Speed 1 and Speed 2. The Volume control can work to compensate for any perceived volume loss when the tremolo is on, or you can use it as a boost. The Depth goes from a subtle movement to a full sine wave volume sweep that feels natural in every setting. The Honey Comb gives you two speeds so you can select between them on the fly with the second footswitch. Speed 1 has a green knob and is active when the LED above the speed select switch is green. Speed 2 has a red knob and is active when the LED is red. This is extremely helpful for switching between fast and slow speeds on the fly. We also included an internal switch to give you a faster or slower range of speeds available with the sweep of the speed knobs.

- Classic Fender and Vox tremolo tones.
- Volume to cut through any mix.
- Two speeds selectable by the onboard footswitch.
- Always-on speed LED.

If you crave a satisfying tone sweetener, reach for the Honey Comb Deluxe for lip-smacking goodness.

This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes less than 100mA, and measures 2.6"x4.8"x1.6"

V1 = bee logo, slightly darker yellow powder coat.
V2 = current production model as seen, internal dip-switch for dual speed adjustment, some early V2's do not have dip switch