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Used D'Angelico Excell EX-DC


Awesome player grade ex-dc killer funk, jazz, soul machine. Previous owner was a dedicated jazz guitarist in the NYC area and this was his main guitar for years. Forget the up-charge road worn or relic this is the real deal.

Nice rich warm jazz box tone, in a comfortable compact format. Easy playing with many tonal combinations.

There is medium fret-wear up and down the neck despite this it plays well and all the notes sounds nicely. The decorative caps are missing from two of the four knobs, the patina on the pickups are worn from palm friction. Nicks and dings here and there and a finish crack on the back of the head-stock (we looked at this closely and appears only to be in the black laminate on the back, not the wood). This instrument does not come with case or bag and is priced accordingly.

We strung this with some nice flat wound D'Addario strings.

This instrument is Pre-Owned, and is sold without a warranty.