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Used 2019 Martin 00-18 Authentic

SKU 2302470

Good eye! You've spotted a wonderful 2019 Martin 00-18 Authentic. This instrument features a lovely light weight and a wonderful warm, buttery tone. 

To top it all off it comes with an extra deluxe, period correct Harptone case with forest green velvet interior and a lush faux leather exterior. But enough gushing about the case, more about the guitar!

This guitar features a wonderfully grained Adirondack spruce top giving this guitar amazing dynamic range. I would describe this guitar as being near mint condition, with little to no visible fret-wear and light wear on the pick-guard where one might drag their finger while picking (no visible pick marks on the guitar). There is only one tiny ding on the back of the guitar not even the size of the blunt end of a pin. Just beautiful condition for a used instrument. 

Everything about the way they put this guitar together is intentional and classy so much so that it truly earns its title of Authentic. I love the slotted headstock with no-logo rosewood headstock veneer. The Rosewood body binding ties the look together as being both understated but also deluxe. 

Many of our clients seek a guitar that is comfortable to play yet retains good bass and volume, the 00 size ticks all of those boxes. There have been many copies of these 00-18 guitars, but there is only one Martin and they do it right. 

The neck on this guitar has a slight V to it, just enough to fit in the crook of ones hand and the 1 13/16" nut width has a nice extra space to get your fingers in there. The 25" scale length and 12-fret construction makes it easy on the left arm reach. 

Overall a wonderful, 

Top Wood : Adirondack Spruce
Back and Sides : Mahogany
Body Shape : OO
Nut Width : 1 7/8"
Scale Length : 25"

This guitar is Pre-Owned, and is sold without a warranty.