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2016 Santa Cruz OMG Italian Spruce Indian Rosewood


It is not often that we have an East Indian Rosewood OMG (Orchestra Model Grand) come through our doors and one in such excellent condition as this. If you have never tried an OMG before, it is like an OM but a little bigger so it has more growl, more punch more boom. One might think after playing it that the OMG stands for "Oh My ..." It is that good.

Premium East Indian Rosewood back and sides gives this instrument excellent balance between bass, mids and treble. Having an Italian spruce top, this instrument has extra sparkle in the high-end and a crisp clarity that makes this guitar shimmer. All of this is accentuated by the slightly larger size of this guitar giving it presence and authority with every strum and melody. 

Little to no fret-wear. Light wear on the pick-guard. No dings nor dents on the guitar itself. We will miss this one when it is gone!