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Used 2014 Carr Mercury - Ostrich

SKU 1567

This original design 8 Watt Carr Mercury guitar amp in Ostrich sounds great, is super-versatile and is a ton of fun to play!  This particular model is in excellent condition and has never been gigged…just home played and so is very clean.

JJ EL 34 Power Tube and Eminence Red White & Blues Speaker.

The Mercury is an astonishingly versatile amplifier—especially when it comes to home and studio use. The unique built-in attenuator allows full output tube overdrive to be used at real world home volumes, freeing you to enjoy the visceral sound and feel of a cranked, overdriven power section. Along with this ability, the Mercury offers beautiful 60s American clean tones—a combination rarely found in any amplifier.

4 position Attenuator (“Output”) – Selects power output to the speaker. The Mercury is always making its full 8 watts, but by selecting 8, 2, 1⁄2, or 1/10th watt, the amount of power that reaches the speaker is varied. The lower power settings allow you to achieve the tonal characteristics of high volume control settings at quieter listening levels.

This instrument is Pre-Owned, and is sold without a warranty.