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Used 2008 Taylor Builders Reserve SB-BR1 Electric Guitar Bastogne Walnut #34 of 75


At the time of production Taylor described this guitar as, "one of the most sublime guitar series Taylor has made to date". It comes from a time when Bob Taylor was intimately involved in his custom shop and utilizing the finest materials available. They also describe this guitar as, "a guitar that represents the debut of the Builder's Reserve series and celebrates the launch of the Taylor SolidBody" this being a truly special distinction. This guitar comes with a booklet featuring photos of the life of this Bastogne tree, Bob Taylor overseeing the milling the wood and the builders in the custom shop crafting this fine guitar.

There is so much goodness in this guitar, I will attempt to capture it all in this description, but to truly appreciate the quality of this instrument, you have to hold it in your hands and play it through a nice amp. It is next level and by far the finest Taylor electric guitar I have ever played.

When I plugged this guitar in my expectations were far exceeded. This instrument has a robust feeling, similar to a Les Paul, but with less weight and more resonance. It has a solid feel in the hand and performs equally well clean with reverb as with a crunchy overdrive. This guitar does it all. It has sweet, robust tones and has an overall feeling of quality and modernity.

The body and neck and top of this guitar are all milled from this eye catching master-grade Bastogne Walnut. The gorgeous figuring and curl of the wood draws you in to the beauty of this guitar. If that is not enough to make your eyes pop, the pick-guard is made entirely from inlaid pearl, a feature we have never seen before and may never see again. To top it all off they inlaid the Ebony fret-board with a striking yet tasteful mother of pearl Gothic Vine design. 

The hardware on this instrument sounds, looks and feels amazing. Featuring Style 1 pickups (Classic, Custom), these pickups are a 3/4-size humbucker that is "clear, punchy and dripping with tone". The bridge was designed entirely from scratch, each string sitting on its own saddle that can be adjusted front to back and side to side! The knobs are a dream as-well, designed by Taylor to "both feel good and work as a functional tool". To top it all off "The top is inlaid into the body, allowing us to define an edge with binding and then contour up to that edge."

This guitar comes with a handsome brown suede guitar case, the original case that came with the guitar along with companion documentation. 

Top Wood : Bastogne Walnut
Back and Sides : Bastogne Walnut
Nut Width : back Bastogne Wal
Nut Width : 1 11/16"
Nut Width : top Bastogne Wal
Scale Length : 24.75"

This instrument is Pre-Owned, and is sold without a warranty.