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Used 1955 Gretsch 6189 Streamliner and 6161 Electromatic Amp Package

SKU 16760

Here is a rare, vintage, one-owner, matched Gretsch  guitar/amp set that is perfect for the collector or the player looking for a super-cool gigging rig. It looks and sounds great and is dripping with vintage vibe and is a really fun and versatile rig to play! It sounds great clean and it’s easy to dial up the tone you want the amp and guitar's tone control, from warm to bright. You can turn the amp all the way up and it’s not too loud but breaks it up with a rich, warm old-school tube distortion that will inspire you to dig deep...and the tremolo effect is great too!

The 1955 6189 Gretsch Streamliner Guitar is in excellent condition, has been given a neck reset and is fully serviced, set up and ready to play and enjoy for years to come. It comes with a gorgeous tweed case that matches the Electromatic amplifier's tweed.

The accompanying Tweed 1955 6161 Electromatic amplifier is very clean, sounds great, a grounded power cords was installed and it is fully functional and comes with its original cover, instrument cable, polishing cloth, case key and footswitch.

This set was owned by bandleader Gladys Newell who bought it new in 1955. She ran the Newell String Ensemble in Vermont from the 1930’s on. She was also a music teacher in Vermont before moving to New Mexico.  She passed in the mid-1980s and the guitar and amp sat dormant in a closet until now. We’ve shown a few photos from her collection.

1.) Owner, Gladys Newell playing accordion
2.) Her official orchestra photo
3.) Band correspondence
4.) Her 1930’s orchestra

Note: This instrument is set up with D’Addario EXL115W (011-049)strings.

This instrument is Pre-Owned, and is sold without a warranty.