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Used 1970 Fender Telecaster Blonde

SKU 291733

If you are a Telecaster lover this guitar is for you. This Blonde 1970 Telecaster has a wonderful tone and feel. It is in very good to excellent condition for a guitar of that year and is a total jaw dropper. I love the look of this guitar with the ash tray installed and it actually serves a nice practical purpose as it is more comfortable to rest ones hand on it rather than the intonation pole-pieces. This guitar also features a super nice neck, quite comfortable and appears to have a gloss finish. This is an absolute keeper, will not last long in our inventory and will be sorely missed when it is sold and gone.

Comes with a new deluxe G&G case with gold crushed velvet interior.

Nut Width : 1 5/8"
Scale Length : 25.5"

This instrument is Pre-Owned, and is sold without a warranty.