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Iris Guitar Company & Circle Strings

Experience the Resonance, Vibrancy and Soul of Iris & Circle Strings Guitars - Handmade in Burlington, Vermont. Proudly crafted with premium solid tone woods and American craftsmanship, the Iris & Circle Strings guitar line is a testament to the ingenuity of the makers in Burlington, Vermont. Part of a family of brands out of one repurposed auto-repair shop, alongside Allied Lutherie and Fairbanks Guitars, these guitars are made with care and precision in a sawdust-laden workspace. Led by master luthiers Adam Buchwald and Dale Fairbanks, and crafted by a team of skilled craftsmen, these guitars are created from start to finish, from wood milling and CNC to every type of UV and Nitro finish. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own one of these fantastic guitars – get yours today before they're all gone!

We are proud to offer a range of high-quality guitars, including the Iris guitar line, with various models to choose from. The OG Model, CH Model, DF Model, AB Model, SG-11 Model, DE-11 Model, JB Model, ND-200 Model, RCM-000 Model, and MS-00 Model are all available with base pricing starting at $2200 and going up depending on selected options. All models come with standard features such as solid wood back and sides, Sitka spruce tops, bar bridges, and more. Upgrades for tops, back and sides, fingerboards, bridges, and finishes are also available. Other options such as 12-fret necks, custom neck carves, slotted headstocks, various pickup systems, and more can also be added for an additional fee. With a wide range of offerings, Northern Lights Music offers the perfect Iris guitar for any musician looking for quality, style, and affordability.