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Firefly | Santa Cruz

When mid summer comes along here in the White Mountains and the sky darkens and the stars come out, you can look down the hill from our house and see hundreds of fireflies blinking with their bioluminescent mating ritual.The Santa Cruz Firefly guitar is almost as small as a bug and can light up the night as well. Firefly Santa Cruz, 24" from nut to bridge with a 1 11/16"nut sits on your lap comfortably.The size may be small but the sound is incredibly rich in tone. Indian Rosewood with a cedar top is standard but you can also build your own from Hawaiian koa to Brazilian Rosewood.The Santa Cruz Firefly guitar is perfect for someone needing a parlor size for the couch or something easy to work out those incredibly challenging tunes that require reach. Or may you just need to create that backup tune for the fireflies which continue to light up our summer fields.