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Used 1993 Alembic Europa Bass

SKU 93U7796
From the moment you wear it on a strap, comfort and balance greet you.

Quick tone change switches give instant access to useful on-the-fly sounds. When you're ready to take that solo, you can simply flick the bass and treble switches to the boost position, knowing full well that when you're finished, that original sound is just a click away.

Like most Alembic basses, Europas are quite happy in a variety of musical settings. Turn the low-pass filters down to 300Hz for deep tones suitable for blues. Turned up to 6KHz, there's plenty of zing for slap or driving rock technique with a pick. Versatility puts the tone control in your heart and your hands.

Europa controls are volume, pan, filter, Q switch, bass boost/cut switch, treble boost/cut switch.

The quick tone switches are bass and treble and are not individual switches for the pickups. Each switch provides 6db boost, flat, and 6db cut.

This bass is in Very Good to Excellent condition and functions perfectly. W/HSC

This instrument is Pre-Owned, and is sold without a warranty.