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Santa Cruz | Tony Rice | Brazilian Rosewood

Santa Cruz | Tony Rice | Brazilian Rosewood

The Santa Cruz Tony Rice Brazilian Rosewood is one of the most top shelf instruments on the planet. Rooted in fine violin building tradition with a nod to pre-war Martin guitars this instrument has articulation and tone in spades!

We are pleased to offer a genuine Santa Cruz Tony Rice guitar for sale. This guitar has all the bark of a dreadnought with subtle overtones that just ring for days. Uncompromising quality is the hallmark of Santa Cruz guitars and is striking on this particular guitar. This is a guitar to grow into, that when you play you just want to pick better and better to live up to the potential tones.

This model is often offered in a more affordable Indian Rosewood combination, but the Brazilian Rosewood is worth every additional penny. The way I like to think of Brazilian Rosewood is it has the richness and warmth of Mahogany with better bass and treble response. Even though it has the balanced frequency similar to Indian Rosewood, it tends to sound rounder and less nasal. Paired with a fine European Spruce it has a beautiful reflective, articulate tone characteristic of only the finest guitars.

In review, this guitar has an exceptional feeling of quality and a tone to die for. If you are looking for a total top shelf flat picking instrument or just an exceptionally collectable guitar, this is it!

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