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Swart Master Mark II AST Head and Cabinet with upgrades

SKU Swart

Dark Tweed

Mint Condition

Arguably one of the best combos ever made, this AST Head Mk II & Cabinet in Dark Tweed was purchased new in 2020 and is in dead-mint condition. The package is upgraded with Dark Tweed covering and a Celestion G12 Cream speaker. A $230 Night Light attenuator for quieter play and deluxe Under Cover padded covers are included in this package. This amp was only living-room played in a smoke-free environment, was never turned up and is waiting for you to break it in.

Features include:
* All Tube circuit - 18-20w twin 6V6 
* 100% Tube Reverb & Tremolo - Quality Spring Tank
* Hand wired point to point
* Made in USA
* Carbon Comp Resistors for BEST TONE
 4 / 8 / 16 Ohm selectable : Rear Panel Switch
* Dedicated 2 button footswitch included
* Solid, finger-jointed Pine Cab - Lacquered Tweed
* 1x12 cab upgraded w/ Celestion G12 Cream speaker